About us

Our history

All by himself, Investamp founder Michel Prévost already covers two areas of expertise: financial security advisor and mutual fund dealer with MICA Capital. With his 20 years of experience, his dynamism resulting in years of involvement in his field and a solid reputation, the Investamp President surrounds himself with only top-notch colleagues—a team of professionals that have no problem talking about financial goals, strategy and protection while offering excellent personalized service.

Our commitments

  • Offer you advice, products and services that are perfectly suited to your present and future goals.
  • Provide you with the best resources in financial security, mutual funds and banking products.
  • Ensure that you feel reassured, understood and confident at all times.
  • Communicate in a friendly and transparent manner so that you’re comfortable and keep control of your own decisions.

Our strenghts

  • Savvy and professionalism based on years of experience.
  • A handpicked, seasoned team.
  • A single address for all your financial needs (investments, insurance and banking products).
  • Authentic, friendly and personalized service and a regular follow-up of your file.
  • Knowledge constantly updated through multiple trainings and seminars.