Financial calculators

  • Mortgage Qualifier
    Is designed to identify the mortgage amount you could qualify for based on your monthly household income and specific expenses. (french only)
  • Household budget statement 
    Take the first step towards informed financial planning by determining your family’s discretionary income. (french only)
  • Net worth statement
    The statement of net worth helps the user determine their financial obligations and the value of their assets. Knowing one’s net worth is an important step in the process of financial planning. (french only)
  • RRSP calculator
    Calculate the amount you will need to save by retirement. (french only)
  • RRSP illustrator
    Get a personalized assessment of the tax benefits you are entitled to by investing in your RRSP. (french only)
  • RESP calculator
    Calculate how much you are able to withdraw from your registered savings plan to live comfortably in retirement. (french only)
  • RRSP loan planner
    Learn how an RRSP loan can help you increase your income in retirement. (french only)
  • The advantage of investing early 
    See the importance of investing early and often. (french only)
  • Registered/unregistered comparison
    Weigh the benefits of tax-free growth by comparing a registered plan to a non-registered one. (french only)
  • Investment and frequent deposits 
    See the impact regular deposits can have on your financial plan. (french only)
  • Investment and frequent withdrawals 
    Calculate the regular income stream generated by the investment of a lump sum in a non-registered plan. (french only)
  • RRIF/LIF/LRIF illustrator 
    Calculate how much you are able to withdraw from your registered fund to live comfortably in retirement. (french only)