Senior financial services firm

Investamp is a financial services firm in the greater Montreal dedicated to a select clientele of entrepreneursexecutives, health professionals and professional athletes. From wealth management to business transfer, everything is implemented in order to help you achieve a successful retirement.

The independent financial services firm for the business community

Established in 1996 by Michel Prévost, Investamp has earned an enviable reputation thanks to its personalized approach and unmatched expertise in financial services. By himself, Michel has over 25 years of experience as a financial security advisor and mutual fund representative. His solid reputation and involvement in the community make him a respected business man among his peers.

In light of the rising popularity of firm, Jean-Brice Yoou joined Investamp in 2016 as a partner. With a M.Sc. in management from l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales, he spent a few years in one of the leading company in the Private Banking sector. Specialized in wealth management, he has also worked at Manulife Investments, helping financial advisors grow their business. Jean-Brice impeccably manages our clients portfolios and deals with major asset management firms.

Thanks to their combined expertise, Michel and Jean-Brice meet the specific needs of their corporate clients. As an independent financial services firm, Investamp advises you with integrity by offering you insurance concepts, investment management advice and banking tools adapted to your profile.

Unsurpassable experts in financial services

Recognized and appreciated for their professionalism, Michel and Jean-Brice know how to carefully choose the experts with whom they collaborate. Our financial services firm provides a team of competent, honest professionals committed to your success. All our professionals have their licenses issued from  l’Autorité des marchés financiers and are qualified to advise you.

Investamp offers a dedicated access to people various expertise: accountants, tax experts, real estate consultants, corporate financial advisors, human resource consultants, lawyers and notaries

Each expert is selected by Michel and Jean-Brice following the industry highest standard to ensure the accessibility, the transparency and the confidentiality you expect.

Investamp inc. and Investamp Gestion du patrimoine inc. are registered with l’Autorité des marchés financiers and may carry out activities related to advice or the sale of financial products. Michel Prévost and Jean-Brice Yoou are financial security advisors with Investamp inc. and Investamp Gestion du patrimoine inc. as well as representatives for mutual funds  registered with Assante Financial Management Ltd.